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Black Friday Discount Code

Here is the Black Friday discount code. It will be good November 24th through November 26th. This is good for 10% off your order.  BlackFriday2016 Just enter it at checkout to receive your discount. Hopefully this helps, we try very hard to keep our prices competitive and offer free standard shipping on 99% of our products. Pink Flamingo Ranch wishes you a happy and safe holiday season.

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Coming discount codes

Look for our Black Friday discount code as well as our Cyber Monday code. They will give you a chance to save some money and get that gift for the special person or animal in your life! We will be posting the codes on Facebook and Instagram as well as emailing them to our subscribers. If this is not you, simply click on one of the social media buttons then follow us or enter your email in the subscribe box and you will never miss out on a discount! The holidays are a time for family and friends, close and far. As we head into this season everyone have a safe and joyful time.

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